About Ashford Commercial

Ashford has a hard-earned reputation for developing strong relationships with client partners who demand exceptional value for money. With a full and independent Commercial Team, Ashford places a powerful resource at your disposal to ensure we deliver an exceptional partnering experience.

With our in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process and our own contracting team dedicated to commercial solutions we can offer a responsive and flexible focused service. We also offer the superior and widely specified VEKA window systems backed by over 30 years of continuous research and development.

With the focus by the Government towards ‘Partnering’ and providing demonstrable ‘Best Value’, Ashford is totally focusing its business strategy towards fulfilment of these objectives.

Ashford has a vast wealth of experience to offer - built up over the last 30 years. All our projects benefit from the personal attention of our highly experienced & dedicated team, who are not only enthusiastic, but enjoy delivering an exceptional partnering experience.

In our experience ‘Registered Social Landlords’ have wholeheartedly embraced the principles of "BEST VALUE" and the significant role it plays. Ashford Commercial has become a major supplier to the providers of low cost rented housing, along with the main developers of new social housing, and our long term objective is to continue working closely with these organisations as well as the government direct local authorities, where Best Value is a prerequisite.

Best Value in Action
As part of this ongoing process, we welcome opportunities to evolve our products and services portfolio to ensure we meet precisely the needs of our client partners.

One of our key principles is for continual development in all we do; we are therefore always seeking ways to offer continuous improvement in all we do.

At Ashford we continually monitor our products and services feed back questionnaires, focusing on each of the "four Cs" to ensure that our products and services can meet the challenge of Best Value.
Method: As our customer, is there a better way of doing what we do?
Ashford consider challenging existing practices as an important part of our "BEST VALUE REVIEW".

To facilitate this, we send out questionnaires to help us collect data on specific issues, each linked to our existing procedures. Through this highly valued feedback we can support our strategy for continual improvement.

Method: Assist our clients in comparing our products and service performance to those of our competitors.
This completely open exercise in comparing ourselves with our competitors underlines our integrity while providing you with an informed partner able to guide you through to the very heart of our business ideas and principles.

Method: Consult with all clients, residents and all supply partners in order to measure performance, to set future targets and to put in place monitoring arrangements.

Ashford Commercial Limited has traditionally completed client satisfaction assessments on a formalised basis. A dedicated department has carried out this work. This will continue to be fulfilled with information collected on our property completion report questionnaire at the conclusion of all contracts.

Feedback from these helps us to assess our current level of performance, review and set targets for our future performance, and then monitor our performance against this.

Method: Itemise quality issues "value for money" and the savings, which can be made from the use of "partnering"
Ashford Commercial Limited has an ongoing policy for the achievement of the highest possible levels of product accreditation.

This policy applies to British Standards, the British Board of Agrément and the GGF standards. These accreditation’s provide a visible means of checking the quality of the product, which can be backed up with the Ashford policy for checking to the maximum sizes. Value for money can be clearly demonstrated - either by open tender, by negotiation, or by the cost-effective use of more innovative arrangements such as Partnering.

Partnering – see case study
Partnering with Ashford provides contract visibility and budgetary control certainty. It offers fixed prices, on a schedule of rates for all product types within your stock, and brings significant administrative savings on the cost of repeat tendering.

Partnering also offers major benefits standardising product specification and simplifying future maintenance too. A recommendation of the Construction Task Force Report is to build long-term relationships, such as those formed from  Partnering:

  • Reduction in contract time.
  • Increase in number of contracts completed on time and within budget.
  • Reduction of defects year on year.
  • Reduction in number of reportable accidents.
  • Per head increase in productivity due to reduced learning curve.
  • A percentage of profit achieved available for reinvestment in R&D etc.

At Ashford we are fully conversant with all of the latest industry initiates and commit to staying abreast of them as they evolve. The whole Ashford team pride themselves on being a nice team with which to do business and are committed to ensuring that you needs are met to the fullest extent. The Ashford team recognises that the business opportunities of tomorrow are totally reliant on the way we perform today.

We look forward to working with you soon.

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